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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is square feet of Living Area?

The square footage of our plans is calculated by measuring from the outside face of wood frame perimeter walls. The square footage does not include decks, porches, garages, basements, attics, fireplaces, and two-story or vaulted areas.  Balconies and open landings in two-story and vaulted areas are included with the second story floor.  Stairs are counted on both floors.

  1. Can I purchase these plans with some minor changes?

Yes, we can always provide reverse reading prints or electronic images.  Note, in ordering a reverse reading plan the text and dimensions read backwards.

  1. What are the design criteria (loads data) for our plans?

Floor: 40# (Live), 10# (Dead)
Bedroom: 30# (Live), 10# (Dead)
Ceiling: 20# (Live), 10# (Dead)
Roof: 20# (Live), 10# (Dead)
Basic Wind Speed = 90 mph
Wind Exposure = B
Seismic Design Category = B
Bracing method #3 = fully sheathed

  1. Can I get a materials list for these plans?

We do not provide materials lists for our plans.  We strongly recommend that you have you lumber supplier make a framing plan for joists, beams and rafters with a lumber takeoff for a complete construction list package.  Since framing methods and local building customs differ in different parts of the country it is advisable that the materials list is prepared by a local supplier in your locality.

  1. Can I get digital artwork of this house for marketing?

In some cases we have electronic artwork available for marketing purposes.  Contact us directly for a price or custom created artwork quotation.

  1. How can I purchase a multiple use license?

Multiple use licenses are available with the purchase of CAD file plan version and a written authorization letter from the architect.  CAD files are currently available at 3.5 times the price of the PDF file version.

  1. How can I get a license to create my own derivative version of a purchased plan?

Such a license is available with the purchase of CAD file plan version and a written authorization letter from the architect.  CAD files are currently available at 3.5 times the price of the PDF file version.

  1. Can I get a quote on making changes to the plans before I purchase the plans?

This is a common practice for which our policy is to require the purchase of a PDF version of the selected plan.  (You will be credited with the price of your initial purchase in the creation of your customized derivative version of the plan.) Making multiple copies of the plan you should be able to mark the paper copies of the plans with your requested changes.  Upon receipt of the final plan markup we will quote a price to provide the required drafting and reissue the plans to you.

  1. Are these plans designed for the building codes in my locality?

Our plans are created to be in compliance with the current edition of the International Residential Building Code.  However, codes are periodically updated and individual states and localities frequently adopt only selected portions of the IRC and may insert specific additions to the codes.  In additional there are many other local ordinances and other requirements that also impact approval of a given set of plans.  It is extremely important that you consult your local building official, with a set of plans for reference, to determine what additional requirements there may be.  Read Compliance with Building Codes in our Terms and Conditions page of this website.

  1. What is the return/refund policy for a plan that cannot be used for any reason?

Plans provided from this website cannot be returned or refunded for any reason.

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