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EarthCraft Residence

Virginia Beach, VA

The EarthCraft Homes program, which is the largest in the Southeast, has proven to be a successful green building standard for new residential construction including this home in Virginia Beach. It was designed and built by GMF+. The architectural styling, exquisite site, quality materials and fine workmanship combine to make it a landmark project for the next millennium.

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Cape Henry Residence

Virginia Beach, VA
This home is design for a fully accessible first floor living. There is a wheelchair ramp in the garage. The most remarkable feature of this home is its concrete plenum floor system, designed to deliver conditioned air through a honey comb of cavities under the floor slab that retains the temperature of the conditioned air passing through it. In engineering jargon this concept is called a “heat sink” and adds comfort as well as increased efficiency to heating and cooling operations.

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Frech Residence

Virginia Beach, VA

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    New Urbanism: is a city planning and architecture movement directed at the creation and restoration of vibrant neighborhood places: centralized, sustainable, walkable and socially diverse.
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